The Dangers of DIY Sewer Line Repair

Homeowners can often save money by fixing problems around the house. It’s helpful to learn new skills so you can address common household problems without having to call a professional for every little thing.

However, there are some projects that best left to experts and professionals. Sewer Line Repair is definitely one of those projects. There are many reasons why taking a DIY approach to sewer repair is a bad idea.

Experience and Equipment

Certainly, there are projects you can learn about through reading or watching YouTube videos, but with sewer line repair there are subtle aspects that need an experienced professional to be addressed. Utility line locations, soil conditions, and insight into the best methods for different situations are very important. Also, having the right equipment and proper materials for these different scenarios is critical for the job to go well.

Property Damage

On any construction or repair project, something is likely to go wrong. But with sewer line repair, not having the knowledge or experience can be costly and cause a lot of damage to the inside of your home in the form of a sewer backup, or possibly damage to your neighbor’s yard.

Hazardous Conditions

There are many safety issues to consider when repairing a sewer line. There is a high risk of explosions and fire if you hit a natural gas line during the dig. It can also be a health hazard because of the toxic elements found in sewer lines such as methane gas, salmonella, e. coli, and many other bacteria.

Save Yourself Time and Money

Saving money is important to most homeowners. Having a professional company repair your sewer will actually save you money in the long run. Sewer repair estimates seem high, but they are nothing compared to the damage that can be done to your property and health. Also, a sewer line repair that is not done right and has to be redone can be very expensive.


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