Tales of the Best Sewer Repair Company in St. Louis: Episode 2

At St. Louis Excavation, we take pride in our workmanship. Nothing makes us happier than getting the job done right. And sometimes we like to brag about it. This is the second installment in a series of posts about how awesome we are.

Sewer repair isn’t as simple as you might think.

We were called for a residential sewer repair that presented some unique challenges. The inside of the home had a cast iron pipe. Where the lateral meets the outside, the pipe changed to clay. This entire system went from the inside of the home to the main sewer line under a city street.

The problem was that the pipe was 17 feet below the ground and 30 feet long. Along its 30 feet length, the clay pipe traveled under the house foundation footer, and the entire length of a garage floor continuing until it connected to the main sewer lateral.

Saint Louis city has a lateral program that will take care of pipe underneath a city street, but the challenge was getting to a pipe that was 17 feet under a garage. We determined that it would be a safety hazard to hand dig the pipe out, so we used a smaller than usual excavator. After removing the concrete floor of the garage, we removed the cab of the excavator and cross-ventilated the garage to keep the exhaust away from the crew. That allowed us to dig the first 12 feet of line. The last 5 feet were dug by hand because the smaller excavator could only dig 12 feet deep.

After 3 days of hand digging, we were able to install the new pipe, pass inspections, and fill the trench. The problem was that the amount of dirt that was excavated would take years to settle back to its natural state. So we water jetted the filled trench by punching deep holes in the dirt mounds and filled them up with water, the theory being that mud shrinks. And it worked! It only took 3 days to settle and we were able to pour new concrete. After a few days for the concrete to cure, the garage was ready to use.

Damn, we’re good. Just another humble day with the best sewer repair company in St. Louis.


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