Tales of the Best Sewer Repair Company in St. Louis: Episode 1

Let’s face it, sometimes we all like to brag a little. At St. Louis Excavation, we take pride in our workmanship. Nothing makes us happier than getting the job done right. So, in this series of posts, we’re going to tell a few stories about how awesome we are.

The Landscaper and the Fire Hydrant

One morning in early May, a landscaper hit a fire hydrant with their trailer on a property that contained 30 buildings with 12 units each.

The property manager has never had any experience with this type of emergency. They called the city but were informed that since the property is so large, the city was not responsible for the maintenance of the water lines. The city will permit the fixing of the hydrant, but they will not assist. The city recommended St. Louis Excavation.

Each fire hydrant is supposed to have its own valve to turn the water on and off for any repairs so as to not shut off a large portion of the water grid. The valve for this particular hydrant was not visible. Not being visible means there may not be a valve at all. The city stated they did not want to turn off the water to that specific area because that would affect 30K residents for fire suppression and safety issues. So the repairs would have to be done while the water is on.

We began the repair at 1:00 pm. The valve was finally located but encased in concrete, but not enough concrete. With 110 PSI of water pressure pushing on the valve and not enough concrete, it literally blew off the line and into the street causing a massive flood. So the city at this point had to shut off water for 30,000 people at 3:00 pm.

We worked furiously and reinstalled the valve with all thread pipe, installed a new fire hydrant, and had the city approve our work. The water was turned back on and everything was finished by 11:00 pm.

So there you go, just another humble day with the best sewer repair company in St. Louis.


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