Do You Own a Home Built Before 1950? A Simple Step Can Save You Thousands.

If your home was built before 1950 you probably have a clay sewer pipe that takes your wastewater to the public sewer main in the street.  The good news about clay is can be traced all the way back to 4000 BC in Babylonia. It has a lot of history for us to learn from.

Clay pipe is installed using multiple sections of pipe measuring roughly 3 feet with a joint at each end. The average Saint Louis home has 50 feet of lateral which means you have 18 joints to contend with. Why do the joints matter?

Inside the clay pipes are an unlimited source of the water, nutrients, and oxygen that roots crave. When these roots discover what’s inside the pipes they attack the joints. As they infiltrate into the pipe the root gets thicker creating blockages and eventually causing the joint to separate and cave in. That will cost you thousands of dollars in sewer backup and pipe replacement.

You can avoid these major repairs by cleaning your drain once a year using a snake with a root cutter. If you have have a history of backups you should use a camera to identify if you have misaligned pipes, root infiltration, grease build up or joint failure.

We offer a free camera service if you require drain cleaning or repair.


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