5 Tips To Protect Your Sewer This Summer

Summer is upon us with more time outdoors, bbqs, and backyard parties. Each season brings its own particular plumbing issues. Summer means that your plumbing system will be working overtime. Kids being home from school, summer visitors, and friends over more often puts extra strain on your plumbing. A little forethought can help prevent big problems.


1. Clogged disposals

All the vegetables and fruit readily available during the summer months are a treat. Avoid putting excess into your disposal, especially fruit pits, watermelon rinds, corn cobs, and grease. Always run cold water for a few minutes after running your disposal to make sure all the debris is completely out of the pipe.

2. Washing machines hoses

Your washing machine is constantly going during the summer. Extra changes of clothes and more showers, leads to more stress on your washing machine. Check your hoses for leaks, kinks, and cracks. Ideally, it’s good to be home when running your washing machine so you can be aware of any issues immediately before they cause damage.

3. Sprinklers

Taking care of your lawn and flower beds is part of summer maintenance.  Your sprinkler system needs to be inspected regularly during the summer for cracks and leaks. A malfunctioning sprinkler can lead to costly water bills and unexpected additional plumbing issues down the road.

4. Pools

Enjoying your pool is the best part of summer for many people. A breakage in an underground plumbing line can damage your pool filter and flood landscape. Look for water pooling outside of the pool when it’s dry outside. This could be a sign of an below ground plumbing leak. Also, check your local ordinances about draining your pool into the sewer line.

5. Sewer line backups

More people at home means more showers, laundry, and toilet usage. Combine that with summer thunderstorms putting excess rain into your system and tree roots invading your line, you could see breaks and strain in underground lines. Scheduling regular sewer line camera inspections as a part of your summer maintenance will prevent unexpected and costly repairs later. 


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